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At age ten, I made up my first game, The Quest for the Holy Pelota (which means ball in Spanish). The game was basically Capture the Flag with a little more action, but I couldn't play it enough.

In high school, the one elective I could choose my senior year was Entrepenuership. Even back then, I knew I didn't mind if I ran my own lemonade stand, I wanted to be my own boss.

Throughout my "party" years, I could not go one weekend without creating (with the help of friends, of course) a new drinking game.

At age twenty-eight, I finally started my own business, doing custom software for small businesses. While the venture paid the bills, I quietly dreamt of actually creating something to sell, something tangible.

My wife and I can not go out and order appetizers without me making a game of the decision on which appetizer to order (bless her heart for playing along).

Then, a couple years ago, with just enough free time, I created and developed my first "real" game ... Knowbody Knows.

The game itself came to me while I sat alone in a hot tub. Pondering something my brother had said, years before: that he was going to tell his son (now, he really does have a son) to keep the bottle caps of every single beer he drinks, so he has a way of going back and counting them some day, because he would love to know how many beers he really has had in his life. "How many would that be?" I thought. And, while the answer to how many beers my brother has had in his life would require the help of some sort of Super Computer, the question intrigued me. Another beer later, I had the early version of Knowbody Knows.

Anyway, I hope you like my first game. There will be more.

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How many hours a month does your Dad spend "on the can"?

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